More Than Food

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The pots were “spit clean”. What was I going to tell them?

Six pairs of eyes looked up at me expectantly. My hands were empty—hands that should have been busy stirring a pot or scooping rice into bowls.

But they were empty. Just like the pots. Just like the cupboards. Just like my envelope that should have held our family’s money.

And so our bellies were empty.

I worked hard running my business. But sometimes, as the sole provider for my family, the money still ran short. And my six children grew—along with their appetites and school fees. I had wondered if this day would come, when every dish was “spit clean” and there wasn’t a crumb in the house.

What would I tell them?

Somewhere, deep within,
I felt a sense of peace.

God knew our needs. He would care for us. We would not starve. “We are going to spend the night fasting and praying.” The words came out of my mouth, slow and steady.

Seeing their puzzled expressions, I continued. “We are going to spend the night fasting and praying to become more like Jesus.” That’s what we really needed.

More than full bellies,
we needed to become like Jesus.

Daycare Owner, Johannesburg

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