Microentrepreneurs don’t need charity. They need someone to help them use the gifts God has given them.

We’ve served 130 churches who have catalyzed 1,800 volunteers who trained 10,000 entrepreneurs who have supported 50,000 dependents. Entrepreneurs incomes have grown. Their kids have better access to nutrition, education and healthcare. Volunteers combine their faith and work in a vibrant way and have grown as a result. But this is just the beginning.

Join us for the journey by either launching a Paradigm Shift program in your community or by financially supporting this ministry to continue impacting the lives of African entrepreneurs.

What do we mean by Business Training?
What do we mean by discipleship?
What do we mean by mentoring?
What do we mean by microloans?

Over the last decade, we’ve refined the model to be easy to use for volunteers and highly impactful for entrepreneurs. All it takes is for one person who loves Jesus, has a passion for business and desires to build a team to serve microentrepreneurs to launch Paradigm Shift. Don’t live in Africa? Help Paradigm Shift grow by investing today.

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